Special Ways To Remember A Loved One During The Hanukkah Season

By: Tom Gallagher
Monday, December 19, 2022

Hanukkah is, without a doubt, the most important holiday in the Jewish calendar. It is an eight-day, eight-night celebration of the Jewish people's spirit. Hanukkah is unquestionably a prime occasion to mourn and honor those we have lost, much like Shiva, given its great significance in Judaism.

How To Remember A Loved One During The Hannukah

We at Sholom Chapel have long assisted Long Island's Jewish community in recognizing and celebrating their beliefs. Here, we'll look at five ways to celebrate Hanukkah this year while paying tribute to departed loved ones.

1. Storytelling Around The Lights

Many families perform songs, read particular passages, and say prayers when the menorah is lit. This practice will be considerably more profound and emotional if you have just lost a loved one. Spend time talking about your loved one's recollections as a group, and ask people to share their best stories.

2. Put Photos On Display During Hanukkah

Of course, we shoot (and retain) photographs to preserve our memories and the people we love for a lifetime. Display a photo of your deceased loved one, possibly next to the menorah. It will encourage those in attendance to relate specific memories and anecdotes about them.

3. Prayers Following The Lighting

The belief that the instant a menorah candle flickers is an opportune time for prayer is enforced by the spiritual traditions of Judaism. One of these prayers could be a sincere, intimate declaration of our steadfast love for the one we have lost.

4. Prepare Their Favorite Meals

Hanukkah is a time when we can express our beliefs and appreciation while enjoying a festive meal. Besides the Meal of Consolation, we can enjoy other meals in honor of our loved ones who have passed away. Offering their favorite or signature meal is a beautiful way to pay tribute to them. Additionally, doing so will enable you to honor them before all the family and friends present.

You can come up with unique strategies for you and your family to preserve the memories of your loved ones. Since each person is unique, you might find something particular to remember about the dearly departed throughout Hanukkah.

For information on special ways to remember a loved one during Hanukkah, please get in touch with Sholom Chapel, and our experts will revert soon to discuss your requirements. We are here to offer you the best services and personalized attention.

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