Grief Amid The Pandemic: How To Show Love And Support Through Social Distancing

By: Tom Gallagher
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

After the COVID-19 outbreak began, people's interactions with one another shifted. Each person must maintain a certain social distance while avoiding unrequired interaction, and they must remain indoors as far as possible to prevent the virus from spreading. While these measures are necessary, they may be unpleasant for those who have suffered a loss.

Many people have perished due to the Covid-19 virus, and several have died because of natural disasters and other causes. Friends and family members are left to their own devices to grieve. The following are some helpful ideas from Sholom Chapel on preserving social distance while assisting a mourning person.

1. Continued Contact

Checking in on mourning individuals daily, rather than just sometimes, is one way to demonstrate your support. When you call, discuss events in their lives, their activities, and their health. Ensure that they eat nutritious foods. These actions demonstrate your concern for them and desire to assist them at this trying time.

2. Serve as a Diversion

If you cannot take them for a drive or engage in an outside activity to assist them in escaping their sadness, you may have to look for other ways to occupy them. Engage children in online games to keep them busy for a while. By redirecting a grieving person's focus to these activities, you might help them feel less alone.

3. Provide Consistent Support

When individuals are sad, they often miss meals and put their health at risk. If you live far away to visit them, order meals for them or urge their neighbors to do it. Someone must be readily present and readily available to assist them when necessary.

These are just a few suggestions for supporting grieving individuals while maintaining your social distance. If you need information about our funeral services and preplanning, please contact Sholom Chapel.

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