Top Reasons To Pre-Plan Before You Need It

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, August 20, 2021

Death isn’t something we can avoid and yet not many of us are comfortable talking about it, let alone planning a funeral service for ourselves. However, we at Sholom Chapel have seen this trend changing slowly yet steadily. Many of our clients have questions about what preplanning involves, whether it’s costly, and what its benefits are for them.

Preplanning A Funeral Service- Why Do It Now?

We thought that this blog would help answer the questions you have about preplanning a funeral service and why you should consider it now:

  • If you have specific ideas about how you want your funeral to be conducted, the flowers, casket, and other arrangements, preplanning is the way to go. You have control over all aspects and your family’s wishes do not come into the picture.
  • You can decide which services you want and choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. You can opt for a straightforward, basic service or something extravagant.
  • The good part is that regardless of the type of service you opt for, your family will not have to pay for it. You pay at the time you sign the contract so that the financial burden does not lie on your family’s shoulders
  • Sometimes, relatives disagree about how a service should be held when a person passes away. However, when you preplan you avoid these issues, as well as the service, will be conducted in line with your wishes.
  • Preplanning is also more cost-effective because you pay for it today and the price is locked in at the time of contract signing. No matter what the inflation levels are, down the track, the costs will not increase.
  • Some establishments also offer easy payment plans so you don’t have to pay the entire funeral service cost upfront and that’s another advantage.

If you need information about our funeral services and preplanning, please contact Sholom Chapel.

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