Coping with the Death of a Sibling

By: Tom Gallagher
Monday, July 19, 2021

Most people share a special bond with their siblings, even with the rivalries, dissent, arguments, and squabbles that are part of being a family. In some cases, siblings can’t see eye to eye and don’t communicate or interact with each other at all. Regardless of the type of relationship a person has had with their sibling when a sister or brother passes away, it can be tough to come to terms with their passing.

How To Cope With a Sibling’s Death

We at Sholom Chapel have seen that some people feel immense grief and are unable to cope with the feelings at emotions rushing through them at a time like this. We have put together some useful information on how you can cope with a sibling’s death:

Even if you have had a complex relationship with your sister or brother, when the person passes, you must forget all the resentment and set aside any anger you might be feeling. Focus on all the good memories and good times you spent together because those are also a part of your life as siblings.

Sometimes, when there are unresolved issues between siblings, the surviving person feels guilt. You must forgive that person and ask for their forgiveness as well. This becomes a crucial part of healing and moving on. Holding onto guilt or resentment will only bring more sorrow and affect the way you heal.

When you are unable to deal with all the sorrow that you are feeling and that it is overwhelming you, speak with either a family member or close friend. There is nothing wrong with asking for some moral support at a time like this.

If you feel the need to be alone and deal with your emotions and feelings on your own, consider going out on a short road trip. Sometimes, that can help you clear your head and deal with your sorrow in a better way.

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