What's Included In An Affordable Cremation?

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, August 18, 2023

When a loved one passes away, the emotional burden can be overwhelming. In such difficult times, making end-of-life arrangements is an unavoidable responsibility. For many families, affordability becomes crucial, and they want to know what’s included in an affordable cremation service.

At Thomas Gallagher Funeral Home, we have seen that cremation has gained popularity in recent years as a more cost-effective and flexible option than a traditional burial.

What's Included In An Affordable Cremation?

Here we look at what an affordable cremation service includes:

Cremation Process

The foremost aspect of an affordable cremation is the actual cremation process itself. This involves the respectful and dignified handling of the deceased and placing the body in a cremation chamber. The body is exposed to high temperatures, reducing it to cremated remains, also known as ashes.

Basic Services Fee

An affordable cremation package usually includes a basic service fee. This fee covers essential administrative and logistical tasks, including obtaining the necessary permits, filing paperwork, and coordinating with the relevant authorities. This is a standard charge that most crematoriums or funeral homes will include.


Transporting the deceased from the place of death to the crematory is another component of affordable cremation services. The funeral home or crematorium typically takes care of this aspect, ensuring that the deceased is handled respectfully and professionally.

Cremation Container

An affordable cremation package may provide a simple cremation container. This container holds the body during the cremation process and is usually made of cardboard or plywood. Families can also choose to provide their suitable container if allowed by the service provider. Families can also opt for more personalized and decorative urns, which may cost additional.

Viewing And Ceremony

While an affordable cremation is designed to be cost-effective, it does not necessarily mean excluding a viewing or memorial ceremony. Some packages may offer a simple and brief viewing for immediate family members before the cremation.

Other things an affordable cremation includes:

  • Professional assistance throughout the process
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Although not typically included in the cremation package, the funeral home can help the family obtain death certificates.

Each family's needs and preferences are unique, and options are available to tailor the cremation service to ensure a meaningful and respectful farewell for their departed loved one.

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