How To Keep Your Loved Ones Closer To Your Heart

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, June 23, 2023

Losing a loved one is a challenging experience that can leave us yearning for ways to keep our loved ones closer to our heart even after they have passed. While their physical presence may no longer be with us, meaningful ways exist to honor their memory and preserve their impact on our lives.

How To Keep Your Loved Ones Closer To Your Heart

Here are some heartfelt suggestions from Thomas Gallagher Funeral Home on how to cherish the memory of our departed loved ones:

Create a Personal Memorial Space

Carve out a special corner or dedicated area in your home to display cherished photographs, mementos, and sentimental items that remind you of your loved one. This personalized sanctuary serves as a place of solace for reflection and fond remembrance.

Preserve Their Belongings

Holding onto select belongings that were significant to your loved one can be a comforting link between the past and the present. Whether it's a treasured piece of jewelry, a beloved book, or an article of clothing, these items provide a tangible connection to their presence in your life.

Craft a Memorial Book

Compiling a memory book that features cherished photographs, written anecdotes, and heartfelt tributes from family and friends creates a tangible keepsake that preserves the memory of your loved one. Such a treasure can be passed down through generations, ensuring their memory endures.

Engage In Their Passions

Pay homage to your loved one by participating in activities that are significant to them. By embracing their passions and interests, you forge a lasting bond and keep their spirit alive. It's a beautiful way to honor their memory and make a positive impact in their name.

Establish Personal Rituals

Create intimate rituals that allow you to honor your loved one regularly. Lighting a candle on particular dates, visiting their final resting place, or engaging in an activity that held deep significance to them are all powerful ways to maintain a sense of connection and express your love and remembrance.

Support A Cause Close To Their Heart

Contributing to a cause or organization your loved one deeply cares about is a meaningful tribute. Whether volunteering, donating your time, or making financial contributions, you can honor their passion and carry forward their legacy of making a difference.

For additional information on how to keep your loved ones closer to your heart, please call the Thomas Gallagher Funeral Home team at 203-359-9999 or via this online form.

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