Do I Have To Use A Burial Vault For Burial?

By: Tom Gallagher
Thursday, January 5, 2023

Many people who have lost a loved one choose to have their ashes interred. While families plan and organize everything else, we at Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home have found that many people do not anticipate purchasing a burial vault.

What Are Burial Vaults?

Burial vaults are sealed and lined external containers used to bury the mortal remains of a person after their death. It protects the casket in the ground from being crushed by the weight of the grave's contents or from being damaged by maintenance vehicles. This technique prevents flooding and the ground from sinking, which improves the overall appearance of the cemetery/memorial park.

Why Are Burial Vaults Required?

The vault safeguards the casket from the weight of the dirt and heavy cemetery machinery. In addition to preserving the cemetery's aesthetics, this method keeps the land from sinking, which increases its resistance to water.

Since the ground can sink and dip under caskets and urns due to deterioration and settlement, vaults offer an extra layer of protection. If cemeteries want to keep their grounds looking nice and keep their upkeep equipment secure, they may need to install burial vaults for caskets and urns.

Types Of Burial Vaults

Most cemeteries also require burial vaults for cremation urns, even though urns do not settle as much as caskets in the ground. These vaults are built to last and are made from materials that won't decompose over time, including cement, metal, or plastic. You also can purchase a heavy steel burial vault, the price of which will vary according to the quality of the item purchased.

Burial Vault Categories

There are three categories of burial vaults available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, guarantees, aesthetics, and customization choices to suit different needs and budgets.

Some vaults provide premium protection, while others provide standard and basic protection. Every funeral home will have different types of vaults, and you can speak with the funeral director for more information about the burial vaults they carry.

We have a range of burial vaults to choose from, and our team will take the time to discuss your requirements before providing recommendations on a suitable product. If you want more information on whether you have to use a burial vault for burial, feel free to write to Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home via this contact us form or call us at 318-640-1375 today.

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