Memorial Service Ideas For Families Who Choose Cremation In CT

By: Tom Gallagher
Wednesday, November 2, 2022

If your family has opted for cremation in CT for a recently deceased family member, there are a variety of memorial service alternatives available. A memorial service is a ceremony held in memory of a deceased person.

Gatherings like these allow people from all walks of life to pay tribute to the deceased in a unified and meaningful way. Cremation allows the family to plan a one-of-a-kind service that can be arranged to fit everyone's schedule.

Memorial Service Ideas For Families Who Choose Cremation in CT

There are many different ways to celebrate the life of a departed loved one after cremation. Here are some ideas:

Choose A Good Location

Choosing a unique, meaningful setting may do wonders for giving the occasion a unique feel. One option is to select a site that holds some significance for the deceased person in their life. The site may be open to the public, like a park, or somewhere private, like your own yard.

Special Music

During the memorial ceremony, you may like to play a playlist comprised of the deceased's favorite songs.

Plant a Flowering shrub/tree

With the municipality's approval, you can honor a loved one's memory by planting a tree or shrub in a public garden. There's also the option of doing the plantings in your garden. That object will serve as a tender memorial to the departed.

Personalized Urns After Cremation in CT

Ashes can be dispersed, interred, scattered, or displayed in a columbarium after cremation. You'll need an urn for travel no matter what you decide. Adding a special touch to this urn is a touching way to remember the deceased. For this purpose, you might have the urn decorated by a loved one or a favorite local artist.

Organize a Pot Luck

Plan a potluck with the rest of the departed person's relatives and friends, and have everyone bring a dish they appreciate.

Videos and Pictures

It's not always necessary to use words when recalling past experiences with others. Make a photo book online full of memorable, humorous, and genuine moments shared with the person who has passed away. You can show this in the form of a movie or slideshow set to the deceased person's preferred music. It will aid in the healing process by strengthening the bonds of love between the living and the departed.


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