Information About Green Burials

By: Tom Gallagher
Monday, September 26, 2022

We've come to expect certain things at a funeral in the United States, such as an elegant casket, many flowers, the deceased being embalmed, and other such rituals. But how important are those extra touches? A new trend is catching on fast- "green burials."

Details of green burials can vary widely, but they generally involve much less waste because they use fewer resources and skip several conventional procedures. In addition, they can help families save money on burial expenses.

We at Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home have noticed that as more people search for ways to lessen their environmental impact, they have shown increased interest in these minimalist, environmentally friendly alternatives.

What Exactly Is A Green Burial?

By eliminating the practice of embalming, not using concrete vaults, reconsidering burial containers, and preserving and protecting natural habitats, the Green Burial Council can reduce the amount of damage done to the environment. Each aspect of end-of-life care presents opportunities to make decisions that will positively impact the environment.

The N.F.D.A. reports that the national median price of a funeral is over $8,500. This figure likely includes the cost of embalming, a vault, and a casket.

Reasons To Have A Green Burial

A growing number of people are worried about humanity's effect on the planet. You can reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your impact if you decide to have a "green burial," which involves the use of "green burial products" and interment in a "green cemetery" or "natural burial ground."

Suppose you can find an alternative to traditional methods or eliminate them. In that case, you'll be able to save money and resources since you won't be buying or burying as many unnecessary things. A few additional reasons to opt for a green burial include:

  • Green caskets are made from renewable materials and are manufactured responsibly. However, traditional caskets frequently use non-renewable resources like wood or steel in their construction.
  • Green burial is seen by many as a return to more ancient burial practices, common before the funeral industry became commercialized and mass-produced.
  • Green burial could be a simple way for people following religious traditions, such as Jewish or Muslim funeral customs, to fulfill their obligations.

If you work with an eco-conscious funeral home, they will likely have access to many environmentally friendly resources you'll need for a green burial. Contact us if you want information about our green burial services here at Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home.

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