5 Things To Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

By: Tom Gallagher
Monday, April 18, 2022

If a person has chosen cremation as their method of disposition upon death, their relatives will get the cremains after the process. However, at Gallagher Funeral Home, we've seen that many folks are unsure what to do with the ashes they've been given. It's a personal choice, and we will cover the possibilities here.

What To Do With The Ashes

The following are five possible things you can do with the cremains:

  • You can store the ashes in a container of your choice at a specific location in your house. For instance, you may set it on your bedroom's fireplace or console table.
  • Create a tiny memorial nook in your backyard or bury the urn there and plant a garden or shrub in its place. The location becomes the ideal location to pay your tributes to a departed loved one. Place some candles or lamps to create a peaceful environment in which you may reflect on the departed spirit.
  • You can put the urn containing the cremated remains in a columbarium. This structure/building was constructed specifically to hold urns. You can locate one near your house in a church/cemetery, and visit it whenever you like. This building has niches or tiny alcoves for storing the urn and engraving the person's name on a plaque attached to the niche's glass cover.
  • Another option is to place the urn in a cemetery like a casket. It provides you with a place to pay homage to the deceased soul.
  • Another option is spreading the ashes at sea, often known as a marine burial.

These are just a few of the things you can do with your loved ones’ ashes. If their will mentions their wishes in this regard, follow those instructions. For details about our customized funeral services, please call Gallagher Funeral Home at 318-640-1375.

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