What Do I Do With The Ashes After Cremation?

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, November 26, 2021

When someone is cremated, their family determines how to dispose of their ashes. As part of a pre-arranged contract, individuals sometimes indicate that their family members should conform to their desires in this regard.

At Gallagher Funeral Home, we've observed that many people are unsure what to do with cremated remains. You can decide based on the information shown here.

Options Following Cremation

Depending on your preferences, you could either dispose of or  preserve a loved one's cremated remains. Some alternatives include:

  • You can place the urn on a shelf or mantel in your house, so the ashes are closer to you. Additionally, you can build a memorial niche in a nook and dedicate it to the dead soul's memory.
  • You can commemorate a loved one in your yard with a small rock formation and oak seat. It can be a tranquil setting in which to reflect on the person. Additionally, this area becomes a permanent location for other family members to pay their tributes to the deceased.
  • Following the memorial service, some families choose to bury the ashes of their departed loved ones at a cemetery. They see it as a place to pay homage to the deceased.
  • Consider placing the urn in a columbarium as an option; several cemeteries and church premises have this building on their grounds.
  • You can spread ashes in the sea, but you must first check with your local authorities whether it's permitted. Additionally, some people scatter the ashes in various outdoor places.

You can discuss these options with your family before making a decision. For any details about funeral services, feel free to call Gallagher Funeral Home at 318-640-1375. Our professional and experienced funeral director and staff are friendly and help you with all the details you need to preplan your service.

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