4 Types Of Cremation: Understanding The Differences

By: Tom Gallagher
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

After an individual's demise, you can opt to either cremate or bury the body. While cremation is a newer concept, the latter is a more traditional way of disposing of a body. We at Gallagher Funeral Home understand that people may have questions regarding the different types of cremations.

The Types Of Cremations

As stated, cremation is a much newer alternative, which is why even those curious often shy away from it. The primary reason for this is that most people believe there’s just one form of cremation that doesn’t involve a service or visitation. This is inaccurate as there are several types of cremation, they include:

  • Cremation With A Traditional Service – This is one of the more expensive options. It includes features from traditional service and a standard cremation. The cremation is carried out once the funeral service is complete.
  • Cremation With A Memorial Service – In this form of cremation, there isn't a body, and the deceased's ashes are stored in an urn the service. Family members and friends can pay their respects as they would at a regular service.
  • Cremation without A Ceremony or Direct Cremation – Embalming isn't included in this type of service. The body is not displayed at the funeral home, and there isn't a funeral service or visitation. The cremation is carried out as soon as the individual passes away. This is a cost-efficient alternative.
  • Cremation With The Body Being Donated To Science – Occasionally, people donate their entire bodies to science. In such cases, the organization will assume responsibility and carry out cremation free of cost.

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